100 Ingenious Ways To Detect Lies: How To Spot A Liar Like A Pro

Discover how to detect lies from your child, partner, coworker or employee by using the 100 human lie detection techniques from the FBI.

“When your child practices lying, he or she is developing a myriad of cognitive and emotional states that are natural to a human being’s brain. Your child uses lying to test his or her theories and beliefs. He or she uses lying to pretend and use their imagination during play.”

“Autism is one of the disorders in which a child struggles with lying and pretending the way that a normal child might due to cognitive impairment.”

“Someone who is a pathological or compulsive liar may or may not even be aware that they are lying. They may be having fantasies or their reality or perception may be inaccurate because they have an underlying psychiatric or mental disorder that could be causing them to lie.”

– Pathological or Compulsive Liar

– Is Lying a Symptom of Underlying Problems?

– The Reason Behind the Lies

– The Different Types of Lies We Tell

– What We are Taught About Lying

– I dentifying When Your Child is Lying

– I dentifying when Your Partner is Lying

– I dentifying when Your Employee or Acquaintance is Lying

– 100 Lie Detecting Techniques to Use On Virtually Anyone

– The Reason Behind the Lies

“Quite often, people who lie compulsively may be doing so because they have learned to lie as a protective measure, particularly if they have been punished or neglected for lying as a child.”

100 Lie Detecting Techniques to Use On Virtually Anyone.

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