Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Basic to Advanced Techniques for the Professional

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Basic to Advanced Techniques for the Professional

Professional techniques and procedures for doing outstanding hypnotherapy using direct suggestion, convincers, covert testing, age regression and more. This is an exciting new book for professionals who are using hypnotherapy in their work (or would like to).It is highly organized and readable, and outlines and explains some of the most powerful and reliable techniques and procedures available to the modern hypnotherapist. A treasure of over 180 Hypnotherapy Techniques and Procedures that lead to successful hypnotherapy including: how to hypnotize every client, how to show every client that he or she was hypnotized, how to make your hypnotic suggestions more powerful than ever, how to make each session 10 times more powerful than the last one, how to covertly test your clients and use convincers that cannot fail, how to expertly conduct age regression sessions that are successful, how to work with overly-analytical, resistant or nervous clients, and how to amaze your clients and receive referrals from other professionals.

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Mental Manipulation: Powerful Techniques in the Dark Psychology: Persuading and Influencing People with Mind Control, Brainwash and NLP

Mental Manipulation: Powerful Techniques in the Dark Psychology: Persuading and Influencing People with Mind Control, Brainwash and NLP

Is mental manipulation affecting you? Have you ever wondered if those around you really do have the intentions they say they have? Have you ever had a sneaking suspicion that something isn’t all it appears to be?

The sad truth is the manipulation is never too far away, and whilst not everyone has bad intentions at heart, it pays to protect yourself against those who do. 

But, how are you supposed to know if someone is manipulating you, versus someone who isn’t? How can you tell that you’re not simply looking for things that aren’t there? 

Here’s a small preview of what you’re going to discover in this guide:

  • Understanding the dynamics of emotional manipulation
  • How manipulators use neuro-linguistic programming to change your thought processes
  • Seven signs of mental manipulation to look for
  • Traits of a manipulator
  • How psychological manipulation is done through words
  • Why does someone choose to use mental manipulation?
  • Mental manipulation and the narcissist
  • And much more….

The art of understanding mental manipulation is about knowing what to look for. Mental Manipulation will give you all the information you need to know when someone has negative intentions at heart. From narcissist to gaslighting, techniques to how to break away, Mental Manipulation is your one-stop shop to knowing when to run and when to stay. 

The truth of the situation is that not everyone is helpful, not everyone cares, and not everyone is telling you the truth. Whilst you certainly shouldn’t go around assuming everyone is out to get you, knowing the situations to be wary of versus natural behavior is an important self-preservation tool. You don’t have to worry for a second longer!

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Phishing Defense A Complete Guide – 2019 Edition

Phishing Defense A Complete Guide - 2019 Edition

Who will determine interim and final deadlines? How do you gather the stories? Who qualifies to gain access to data? What is the Phishing Defense’s sustainability risk? What qualifications and skills do you need?

Defining, designing, creating, and implementing a process to solve a challenge or meet an objective is the most valuable role… In EVERY group, company, organization and department.

Unless you are talking a one-time, single-use project, there should be a process. Whether that process is managed and implemented by humans, AI, or a combination of the two, it needs to be designed by someone with a complex enough perspective to ask the right questions. Someone capable of asking the right questions and step back and say, ‘What are we really trying to accomplish here? And is there a different way to look at it?’

This Self-Assessment empowers people to do just that – whether their title is entrepreneur, manager, consultant, (Vice-)President, CxO etc… – they are the people who rule the future. They are the person who asks the right questions to make Phishing Defense investments work better.

This Phishing Defense All-Inclusive Self-Assessment enables You to be that person.

All the tools you need to an in-depth Phishing Defense Self-Assessment. Featuring 945 new and updated case-based questions, organized into seven core areas of process design, this Self-Assessment will help you identify areas in which Phishing Defense improvements can be made.

In using the questions you will be better able to:

– diagnose Phishing Defense projects, initiatives, organizations, businesses and processes using accepted diagnostic standards and practices

– implement evidence-based best practice strategies aligned with overall goals

– integrate recent advances in Phishing Defense and process design strategies into practice according to best practice guidelines

Using a Self-Assessment tool known as the Phishing Defense Scorecard, you will develop a clear picture of which Phishing Defense areas need attention.

Your purchase includes access details to the Phishing Defense self-assessment dashboard download which gives you your dynamically prioritized projects-ready tool and shows your organization exactly what to do next. You will receive the following contents with New and Updated specific criteria:

– The latest quick edition of the book in PDF

– The latest complete edition of the book in PDF, which criteria correspond to the criteria in…

– The Self-Assessment Excel Dashboard

– Example pre-filled Self-Assessment Excel Dashboard to get familiar with results generation

– In-depth and specific Phishing Defense Checklists

– Project management checklists and templates to assist with implementation


Every self assessment comes with Lifetime Updates and Lifetime Free Updated Books. Lifetime Updates is an industry-first feature which allows you to receive verified self assessment updates, ensuring you always have the most accurate information at your fingertips.

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Cognitive Communication Disorders

Cognitive Communication Disorders

Cognitive Communication Disorders, now in its second edition, is the definitive core text for graduate courses that address cognitively based communicative disorders. This text provides up-to-date knowledge on the normal cognitive processes that support communication, cognitive linguistic communication disorders, clinical management, as well as the impact that deficits in these cognitive domains may have on language and communication including right hemisphere disorders, Alzheimer disease and related disorders, and traumatic brain injury. Furthermore, through contributions from a renowned group of contributors, this text provides a comprehensive review of theoretical and applied research on the cognitive processes of attention, memory, and executive function. For this second edition, the content has been extensively revised and updated to reflect the burgeoning research in this area of study. Specific updates include: A new chapter on mild brain injury Expansion of the dementia chapter to include content on clinical intervention and working with families Updates to evidence-based practices for patients suffering from traumatic brain injury With its updates and additions, Cognitive Communication Disorders, Second Edition is sure to be the top choice for those studying cognitively based communication disorders.

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The Mind’s Machine: Foundations of Brain and Behavior

The Mind's Machine: Foundations of Brain and Behavior

The Mind’s Machine, introduced in 2012, was written to impart the core concepts of behavioral neuroscience to students in a diverse range of disciplines, including not only psychology and the other life sciences, but art, philosophy, media studies, linguistics, and the like. Using streamlined text, full color art, novel pedagogical features, and real life examples and analogies, The Mind’s Machine, Third Edition, engages students new to neuroscience without sacrificing accuracy. This accessible, reader friendly book is appropriate for brain and behavior, biopsychology, and physiological psychology courses.

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How to Analyze People: 2 Books in 1 – Guide to Reading Anyone with Psychology Techniques, Including Dark Psychology and Manipulation

How to Analyze People: 2 Books in 1 - Guide to Reading Anyone with Psychology Techniques, Including Dark Psychology and Manipulation

This book is very important if you want to take the lead in improving your relationship, making a perfect first impression on any person that you meet and also be the lead in every social event

Human beings are different in various aspects, but not so different that you cannot figure out what makes every person unique in their own ways and make them perfect. 

Science has defined human personality types to a fine point, that identifying the clear categories that you fall into and furthermore explains what motivates and drives each one of us as a unique personality. When you use this as your basis, you will be able to easily analyze and read each person like an open book. I assure you anyone who crosses your path you will have an easy way to analyze them, and you will have an advantage in every social encounter. 

This book also goes into manipulation. In the words of Sun Tzu“To know your enemy, you must become your enemy”. Your manipulator will always have a hard time getting control of you if you can spot them out quickly. This book will enhance your keen mind with the ability to not only spot these kinds of behaviors, but also see who are most susceptible to enact on them and how to do them yourself.

This paperback includes the following 2 manuscripts:

  • How to Analyze People: The Ultimate Guide to Understand Body Language, Influence Human Behavior, Read Anyone with Proven Psychology Techniques
  • Dark Psychology: How to Protect Yourself from Manipulation Techniques and Dark Psychology, Recognize and Control Emotional Manipulation

Key Concepts Discussed in This Book:

  • How to interpret body language cues to your advantage
  • How to interpret verbal communication
  • Learn about the sixteen personality types, their main elements that make you same and at the same time different in personality
  • How to build understanding and destroy the perception
  • How you can easily spot deceptive habits and lies.
  • Types of manipulation and safeguards against them
  • Success and manipulation
  • Sales and manipulation
  • Why people use manipulation?

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The Calming Collection-The Weight is Over:Hypnosis/Meditation for Lasting Weight Loss**Guided Meditation and Hypnosis CD

The Calming Collection-The Weight is Over:Hypnosis/Meditation for Lasting Weight Loss**Guided Meditation and Hypnosis CD

The Weight is Over:Hypnosis/Meditaton for Lasting Weight Loss has several sections, each carefully devised with newest, most helpful techniques to achieve empowerment and lasting control of one’s eating and life style choices. Part One is the introduction. Part two is Hypnosis. Part 3 is Self Hypnosis Training, in which the listener is taught the steps and skills of self hypnosis. Part four contains five separate meditations: the gratitude meditation. The inner advisor. The future question. The tiny bite eating retraining. The four screen meditation. and Part Five which is Waking Affirmations. The hypnosis and meditation sections are not to be listened to while driving, because of their extremely relaxing nature. The other sections can be listened to at any time of day. And whether awake or asleep, the benefit of hypnosis and meditation is that the suggestions are powerfully absorbed into the subconscious mind.Part Five, the waking affirmations, was therefore devised to provide a boost whenever needed, whether driving or doing any other type of activity.

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Collaborative Cognitive Behavioral Intervention in Social Work Practice: A Workbook

Collaborative Cognitive Behavioral Intervention in Social Work Practice: A Workbook

Collaborative Cognitive-Behavioral Social Work Intervention: A Workbook presents knowledge about behavioral and cognitive interventions in an easy-to-read manner. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can be an empowering approach to change, helping clients at the individual level learn how to take change painful feelings and harmful behaviors and manage their social environment by learning new skills. An abundance of examples allows the reader to see the diverse range of applications cognitive-behavioral interventions might have to social work, as well as how to deliver CBT in a way that is respectful of client circumstances and works with people collaboratively.

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How to Stay Safe Online: A Step-by-Step Guide to Safety Against Hackers and Phishing Scams

How to Stay Safe Online: A Step-by-Step Guide to Safety Against Hackers and Phishing Scams

This book is meant for all of the confused populace who hear warnings of hackers, cyber-attacks, and identity theft without actually knowing what they mean or how to defend themselves from them. I also hope that this book will allow you to relax and free your mind of worry related to your online presence. My main goal is that the reader will finish this book understanding the threats that the internet poses against them and with the knowledge of how to keep themselves safe. This book will teach you simple steps to avoid being hacked, phishing scams, and viruses and malware. It is a useful resource for those who know nothing about computers and are just beginning to use computers as well as advanced computer experts who want a refresher on cybersecurity basics.

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Dark Psychology: A Comprehensive Guide To Learn The Realms of Manipulation, Deception, Human behavior and Mind control

Dark Psychology: A Comprehensive Guide To Learn The Realms of Manipulation, Deception, Human behavior and Mind control

Dark Psychology is one of the most elusive sub-sectors of the psychological world. With deep inner demons rolling through the minds of criminals, and those .01% without a conscious to answer for them, it can be pretty scary. But did you know that we all have a finger on the pulse of the dark psyche?Take a dive into the world of narcissists, psychopaths, manipulator, and deceivers. Everything you ever wanted to know about Dark Psychology and the dark mind all wrapped up in one book. Meet the people who hold the records for the evilest, most heinous, and most terrifying. Learn about the different techniques used to control the mind, trick the body, and deceive the soul. From how to protect yourself from dark psyches to how to let your own shine, this book discusses both sides of the fence.

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Passive Income, Accelerated Learning: Advance Tactics for Speed Reading, Comprehension & Greater Retentation. Build Up Your Online Business from scratch (Blogging, Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing)

Passive Income, Accelerated Learning: Advance Tactics for Speed Reading, Comprehension & Greater Retentation. Build Up Your Online Business from scratch (Blogging, Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing)

Wouldn’t you rather enjoy your life living it to the fullest by spending more time doing what you love?Or make consistent steady amounts of money within the comfort of your own home? And what if could you do it 10x faster wasting less of your precious time by mastering your learning skills first?

Well if you combine the infinitive potential that we all have hidden in the deepest recess of our brains and the huge potentiality and exposure that internet guarantees, the truth is that yes, it can be done and it would be easier then what you are probably thinking of.

This resource bundle book has been put together with one sole mission; to provide you with the best ideas and all the technical knowledge necessary to succeed through online business and at the same time, help you drastically improve your learning ability in order to correctly gain the skills necessary and the right approach.

So, let’s have a better look at each of these amazing books.

***In the first book, Accelerated Learning, the author, a highly successful psychologist, will guide you through a unique, six step framework for rapid skill acquisition that will teach you not only how to absorb the essential information you need to make your way in this endless evolving era but also tricks on how to retain it and recollect it whenever needed, even if it is years later.

In this book you will find how to:

  • Create a more positive image of how you should learn
  • Gain a more intense level of concentration by using your five sense
  • Reduce the amount of time you have to spend studying with the proven 6 steps to faster learning
  • Tap into your real brain power in order to speed up the learning process
  • Reinforce that learning so that it will stay with you for years to come

Once you have learned to unlock the secrets already hidden inside you, your learning will become a more enjoyable experience, one which you could look forward to each day. You’ll learn faster than you ever have before, and you’ll be happy doing it.

***The second book, The Ultimate Passive Income Guide, surfaced from the idea of creating a comprehensive guide that could help a beginner avoid common mistakes by selecting, exploring and providing proven strategies and techniques of the best online businesses that have demonstrated to be profitable and attainable beyond a shadow of doubt.

Through the pages of this book the author, a highly successful online entrepreneur, will explore all the most well grounded and profitable techniques to enable you to start building your own online business and earning income you never thought attainable.
This in-depth guide will:

  • Debunk the myths and show you the TRUTH about passive income! (very important)
  • Explore the best TEN proven, reliable, and profitable online business ideas!
  • Provide instructions to launch your online business and turn it into Passive Income!
  • Explore passive income through Amazon, Online Courses, Drop-shipping, and so much more!
  • Give you the tools and mental approach to be a successful entrepreneur!

So, if you’re ready to change your life, stop dreading the amount of time you need to acquire new information and start chasing your dreams by creating sufficient passive income to become financially free. CLICK THE BUY BUTTON NOW to obtain the know how so you can start doing it right away!

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Cognitive-Communication Disorders of MCI and Dementia: Definition, Assessment, and Clinical Management, Third Edition

Cognitive-Communication Disorders of MCI and Dementia: Definition, Assessment, and Clinical Management, Third Edition

Written by internationally recognized experts, Cognitive Communication Disorders of MCI and Dementia, Third Edition provides professionals and students the most up-to-date research on the clinical assessment and management of individuals with dementia and those with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), the fastest growing clinical population. Dr. Kimberly McCullough, an expert on MCI and cognitive stimulation, joined Bayles and Tomoeda as co-author and this edition has an increased coverage of MCI, its characteristic features, the diagnostic criteria for its diagnosis, and treatment options.

Students and practicing professionals will appreciate the authors’ overview of the relation of cognition to communicative function and the characterization of how both are affected in MCI and the common dementia-related diseases including Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body, Vascular, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Frontotemporal and Down Syndrome. A summary of important points at the end of chapters highlights essential clinical information and guides student learning. An all-new Clinical Guide comprises the second half of the book providing an extensive discussion of the process of assessment and evidence-based treatments for individuals in all stages of dementia.

Features of the New Clinical Practice Guide

Assessment: The authors provide a step-by-step discussion of the assessment process, an overview of reputable tests, and how to differentiate cognitive-communication disorders associated with MCI and dementing diseases.

Treatment: This section includes comprehensive and detailed instructions for implementing evidence-based interventions for individuals in all stages of dementia. Additional topics include:

  • A person-centered model for successful intervention
  • Cognitive stimulation programming for MCI
  • Clinical techniques supported by the principles of neuroplasticity
  • Indirect interventions that facilitate communication, quality of life, and the safety of individuals with dementia
  • Caregiver counseling
  • Care planning, goal setting, reimbursement and required documentation

Case Examples: Includes restorative and functional maintenance plans.

Cognitive-Communication Disorders of MCI and Dementia: Definition, Assessment, and Clinical Management was written by individuals dedicated to the study and treatment of cognitive-communicative disorders associated with dementia. Their research has received support by the NIH, the Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Association, the Andrus Foundation, as well as the University of Arizona, Appalachian State University, and the University of Central Arkansas.

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Accelerated Learning: Advanced Strategies and Techniques for Learning More and Faster, Increase Your Memory and Comprehension Skills

Accelerated Learning: Advanced Strategies and Techniques for Learning More and Faster, Increase Your Memory and Comprehension Skills

Want to quickly boost your learning capacity? Follow what this audiobook says! 

This wonderful audiobook is a one-of-its-kinds creative and practically helpful methodology which can help to increase your learning capacity and problem-solving abilities.

An innovative framework has been used which is based on human brain’s natural learning cycle. Taking cues from music, metaphor, movement, and storytelling, the audiobook creates an embracing learner-focused environment that facilitates in the acquisition and retention of knowledge.

How is this audiobook different from other audiobooks on the subject?

Even though there are other audiobooks available in the market yet Accelerated Learning is uniquely different from them all.

First, it contains simple-to-understand step-by-step manual. To help boost your learning skills, there’s a systematic way explained and expounded.

Important parts

  • Working of brain: This section explains the functioning of brain. You will learn how you can control your brain to retain relevant information. There are tips to help you absorb and learn new information.
  • Focuses on memory: Learning and learning capacity has a lot to do with how memory works. You will find a detailed analysis of human mind’s ability to memorize. There is a detailed description of different models of memory and how you can master them.
  • Improving your memory: Simply understanding the functioning of memory is not enough. To derive benefit, you’ll also have to master ways to improve the performance of your memory. Using Accelerated Learning, you can memorize useful stuff at better pace.
  • Help in creating mind movies: What are mind movies? What do they do? How can they benefit listeners? How are these movies relevant in accelerating your learning process? This audiobook provides you step-by-step guidance that will sharpen your memory and help function your brain with greater efficiency.
  • Help you learn foreign language: Are you aiming to learn a new language? Then this audiobook is a way to do it simply. Accelerated Learning is all about finding practical and innovative ways to learn new items.

Who can use this audiobook?

The audiobook targets audience of all ages, genders, and nationalities. Whether you are a student who needs help memorizing and learning new concepts or you are a professional who struggles with remembering figures and clients’ details, this audiobook is your help.

As the audiobook has been written in plain and easy-to-understand language, literally anyone who can listen to English can use this audiobook to their advantage.

This audiobook contains scenarios and situations from real-life. Therefore, listeners can relate to situations that eventually boost their reading and learning skills.

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Phishing: Cutting the Identity Theft Line

Phishing: Cutting the Identity Theft Line

“Phishing” is the hot new identity theft scam. An unsuspecting victim receives an e-mail that seems to come from a bank or other financial institution, and it contains a link to a Web site where s/he is asked to provide account details. The site looks legitimate, and 3 to 5 percent of people who receive the e-mail go on to surrender their information-to crooks. One e-mail monitoring organization reported 2.3 billion phishing messages in February 2004 alone.

If that weren’t enough, the crooks have expanded their operations to include malicious code that steals identity information without the computer user’s knowledge. Thousands of computers are compromised each day, and phishing code is increasingly becoming part of the standard exploits.
Written by a phishing security expert at a top financial institution, this unique book helps IT professionals respond to phishing incidents. After describing in detail what goes into phishing expeditions, the author provides step-by-step directions for discouraging attacks and responding to those that have already happened.

In Phishing, Rachael Lininger:

  • Offers case studies that reveal the technical ins and outs of impressive phishing attacks.
  • Presents a step-by-step model for phishing prevention.
  • Explains how intrusion detection systems can help prevent phishers from attaining their goal-identity theft.
  • Delivers in-depth incident response techniques that can quickly shutdown phishing sites.

List price: $29.99

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Holocaust, Grades 5 – 8

Holocaust, Grades 5 - 8

Bring history to life for students in grades 5 and up using Holocaust! In this 80-page book, students examine Holocaust-era political views, the Nazi rise to power, concentration camps, the Jewish resistance, and Nuremberg. The material entrances students, and the reproducible vocabulary, quotes, and critical-thinking exercises challenge them. The book includes historic sketches and a complete answer key.

List price: $12.99

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Talking with Psychopaths and Savages: A Journey into the Evil Mind

Talking with Psychopaths and Savages: A Journey into the Evil Mind

Criminologist Christopher Berry-Dee takes readers deep inside the dark minds of some of the most pitiless and dangerous people alive. Having spent years interviewing imprisoned criminals, including notorious serial killers, he discovered that the lack of remorse they showed was in many ways more terrifying than the crimes they had committed. Yet in the course of these conversations, the author also had the chance to interview his subjects’ psychiatrists and, in doing so, uncovered a terrible truth: a monster can be hidden behind a friendly face. Some of these experts, he found, proved to have more in common with their patients than he would ever have expected. This book examines horrific crimes committed by some of the most remorseless and merciless people ever to have lived. If it reveals a mindset wholly alien to most people, it also, shockingly, demonstrates that some of the people who treat these psychopaths have their own demons. Talking with Psychopaths will inevitably shift the reader’s view of psychopaths, and in doing so, reveals that horror can be much closer to us than we think. Subjects include JR Robinson, Kenneth Allen McDuff, Arthur Shawcross, Kenneth Bianchi, Michael Bruce Ross, Melanie McGuire, and more.

List price: $14.95

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Essentials of WJ IV Cognitive Abilities Assessment (Essentials of Psychological Assessment)

Essentials of WJ IV Cognitive Abilities Assessment (Essentials of Psychological Assessment)

The step-by-step guide to administering, scoring, and interpreting the WJ IV® Tests of Cognitive Abilities

Essentials of WJ IV® Cognitive Abilities Assessment provides expert, practical advice on how to administer, score, and interpret the WJ IV COG®. Designed to be an easy-to-use reference, the text goes beyond the information found in the WJ IV® examiner’s manual to offer full explanations of the tests and clusters on the WJ IV COG®. This essential guide also explains the meaning of all scores and interpretive features and includes valuable advice on clinical applications and illuminating case studies.

This clearly written and easily accessible resource offers:

  • Concise chapters with numerous callout boxes highlighting key concepts, numerous examples, and test questions that help you gauge and reinforce your grasp of the information covered.
  • An in-depth chapter on interpretation of the WJ IV COG® which highlights links to interventions for each test based on contemporary theory and research.
  • Expert assessment of the tests’ relative strengths and weaknesses.
  • Illustrative case reports with clinical and school-based populations.

If you’re a school psychologist, clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist, or any professional or graduate student looking to become familiar with the new WJ IV COG®, this is the definitive resource you’ll turn to again and again.

List price: $52.00

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101 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started Using Hypnosis

101 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started Using Hypnosis

For the past thirty years, Dabney Ewin has been teaching medical hypnosis at Tulane University. In all that time, he has dealt with hundreds of patients but the one thing that stands out during this illustrious career is that he has never stopped learning something new.

This succinct volume is a testament to all the ideas that Dr. Ewin wished he had known about when he first started practicing hypnosis. The words and phrases presented here are designed to give any beginning or experienced student a foundation about the working of hypnosis–this foundation of knowledge Dr. Ewin built up in his more than thirty years of practice. Dr. Ewin ‘believes his patients can get well, because they do.’ With his words, images and suggestions, noted throughout this little book of wisdom, he understands that the mind can change the way the brain functions and conversely, he also knows the brain can change the way the mind functions. In hypnosis, he makes this healing resonance between mind and body happen again and again. Simply put, his patients become whole again.

List price: $25.95

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How to Analyze People: Instantly Learn Body Language, Social Skills, and Secret Techniques that Psychologists and FBI Agents Use to Read People

How to Analyze People: Instantly Learn Body Language, Social Skills, and Secret Techniques that Psychologists and FBI Agents Use to Read People

How to Analyze People: Instantly Learn Body Language and Social Skills Secret Techniques that Psychologists and FBI Agents Use to Read People.

If you’ve always wanted to analyze and read people like a book detect lies, romantic interest and know their true intentions, then keep reading…

Do you want to develop the skills to translate the micro expressions, body language and human psychology? Have you tried endless methods, but nothing seems to work for more than a few weeks? Have you ever wondered if your date felt the same way?If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

This book goes into the intricacies of reading a person’s body language as well as how you can use body language to your advantage. This book can be crucial in helping you understand your own emotions as well as the emotions of those around you. In addition, you can also use this book to improve many aspects of your social life. You can use it to improve your work environment as well.

Here’s just a tiny fraction of what you’ll discover:

  • The psychology behind reading body language
  • Body Language and Micro-expressions
  • Biggest Mistakes people make when trying to analyze or read people.
  • How to instantly spot the most powerful person in the room
  • Interpreting body language cues and signals
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Facial Profiling
  • How to know if someone is lying to you
  • Personality Types
  • Why you need to ask the right questions?
  • Signals he or she is romantically interested in you
  • Techniques you can use to fake your body language
  • And much more!

Imagine how your day-to-day life will change when you can instantly analyze people everywhere you go. So even if you’ve tried to learn these skills before but still feel lost and frustrated, this guide will give you the practical tools and knowledge to read and understand people in a way few others ever will.

So, don’t delay it any longer. Take this opportunity and get this book now. You will be amazed by the skills you quickly attain!

Grab your copy today ! Scroll up and click the “Buy Now” button

List price: $19.95

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