Body Language for Beginners: How to Read and Analyze People and Use Powerful Communication, Persuasion and Negotiation Skills to Influence People

Do you know that your body language truly matters in your business and way of life?

Have you ever thought about how well you can read other people’s body language also?

The fact is that what people say is sometimes different from what they really think or feel. It works the other way, too. Your body language influences what others think of you, so you need a copy of this audiobook to enlighten you so that you don’t send the wrong signals.

We all use body language gestures to reinforce what we say and how we feel. Regardless of whether the posture is conscious or involuntary, it tends to support the strengths (and weaknesses) of our personality. Therefore, it is important to remember that others, while reading body language, also consciously and unconsciously read our body language cues.

Why do you need this audiobook?

Many of the feelings we have when judging people are actually an evaluation of the person on a subconscious level. The way we interpret a person’s body language plays an important role in the opinions we make about others. If you’ve ever wondered why you distrust someone you really don’t know, there is probably something in the body language of that person who has red flags.

Even if we use voluntary gestures while communicating with others, we should only use body language that feels natural. If you don’t want to turn to others as if you were rehearsing the conversation, then listen to this audiobook.

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