Dark Psychology: Learn The Secrets of Manipulation, Covert Persuasion, Mind Control, Analyze People, Emotional Influence, NLP and Brainwashing with Proven Psychological Techniques

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Everyone knows that the world is full of those whose only goal is to swindle and abuse. Many of us have seen friends, family, and lovers fall prey to these kinds of people – and perhaps you were a victim too.

But now, Dark Psychology is here to unveil the little-known secrets which allow you to identify dangerous people, protect yourself against manipulation and harm, and make sure you never fall victim to it again. Every day, we’re bombarded with the principles of dark psychology – from advertisers who prey on your emotions to conmen who exploit your fears and desires, dark psychology is a powerful tactic that manipulates and controls us.

Inside this book you’ll discover how to guard yourself against these damaging people, including:

  • The Profile Of A Narcissist, Psychopath, And Machiavellian

  • The Cunning Tricks Conmen Use To Influence You, And How to Spot Them

  • How To Never Fall Victim To Covert Emotional Manipulation Again

  • The Secret To How The Media Controls Your Mind and Influences Your Thoughts

  • Dark Seduction – Getting The Partner You Want And Deserve

  • The Ten Steps Of Brainwashing

  • The Body Language You Should Be Paying Attention To – And How To Use It To Your Advantage

  • And So Much More!

From understanding emotional manipulation to why dark seduction is such an incredibly effective tool, this must-have guide contains everything you need to protect yourself against predatory people, identify harmful behaviours, and never fall prey to their tactics again!

Dark Psychology isn’t just about self-defence – understanding psychology is a powerful benefit which allows you to pinpoint your goals, assess your weaknesses, and take steps to improve them. In today’s age of mass media, recognizing dark psychology has never been more important.

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