Dark Psychology mind control: A beginner's guide to understanding the techniques of dark psychology NLP, Persuasion and why you need to learn the art of reading people RIGHT NOW

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If you want to discover the power of persuasion and how people are manipulated every day, then keep reading!

Preying on other people with a rational aim in mind and without harming the other individual is just fine. It is possible to persuade those you are close with into changing some of the bad habits they might have through social influence. Use the skills of persuasion to gain some money out of a product sale or make your seniors at work accept some of the offers that you might have is also just fine.

But if you still have problems mastering that on your own; then they are all contained in this e-book. Here are some of the topics that are covered in this eBook:

•       How to manipulate people

•       Various modes of manipulation

•       The modes of persuasion

•       The art of reading and understanding people

However, when you start using these traits for the purposes of exploiting other persons, then it now becomes psychopathy. When you read this e-book, you will know the kind of people you should avoid as well as identify the abusers in your life. This will save you a lot of mental damage, bitterness, and headache. 

In addition, this eBook also looks at some of the case studies in this topic as well as explains to you why you could be a soft target for the manipulators. You will also learn about some of a common mind control technique, such as hypnosis mind control that can be useful even to your health. It is useful for:

  • Those undergoing pain as a result of burns or some illnesses
  • Pregnant women who are experiencing labor pains
  • Those who want peace of mind

Even if you are a beginner and have a hard time to get the manipulation, this book contains a series of scenarios, examples and references from reliable sources, that will boost your abilities and take you to a different level.

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