Dark Psychology Mind Control: The Secrets and the Art of Reading and Influencing People with Persuasion, Manipulation, Deception, Covert NLP and Brainwashing

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Do you know that most of the time manipulators want to influence them for some personal gain, whether emotionally, financially, physically or even sexually?

Although the term Dark psychology carries a certain stigma, we’re all guilty of manipulating each other. It doesn’t always mean we don’t like each other; it’s merely a game of power and control.

Read this book to understand how skilled manipulators know how to deceive through understanding the psychological vulnerabilities of their victims. They achieve this by successfully concealing their real intentions. This enables them to choose the best manipulation tactic for every vulnerability they expose. In this book, you will learn how to do this!

If you’re regularly involved in business or tough negotiations, the ability to read people will be by far one of your most valuable skills.

Those we interact with each day send us signals, and if we can learn what to look and listen out for, each person will tell us exactly how to influence them. Reading people accurately is a skill that anyone can master by paying more attention. The most natural prey for mind manipulation is usually the over-sensitive or over-conscientious individuals.

Benefits of Learning about Dark Psychology:

  • Preventing ourselves from manipulators
  • Effectively lead business meetings
  • Controlling our mind
  • Helping others cope manipulators

This title will show you these methods outlined in clear and easy to follow ways.  By understanding what motivates us, we can use these basic human needs as an advantage to get people to say Yes; to us more often. You will also find advanced NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques used by world-renowned magicians, which are now available for you. These techniques and methods have been cleverly devised to teach you how to breeze through life while getting most of your needs met.

Here is a preview of what you will learn…

  • History of Dark Psychology
  • Mind Control and Mind Games
  • Creating a Need
  • Covert NLP
  • Brainwashing
  • And More…..

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