Dark Psychology: The Effective Guide to Discover the Powerful Secrets of Brainwashing, Persuasion, NPL, Hypnotism in Order to Avoid Manipulation and to Predict Human Behaviour

Have you ever had the feeling that someone is trying to manipulate you? Do you want to be sure that no one tries to take advantage of you without you noticing, or even that someone influences your thoughts?

If what you want is to make sure you take the decisions consciously without being manipulated and then have full control of your actions, or you would like to be that person who can convince those around you to do what you want, then keep reading…

You have often found yourself doing something and having the feeling of having been manipulated, you have thoughts that do not seem to be yours, some people always manage to make you change your mind to their advantage, if so, the information contained in this audiobook, Dark Psychology, is your answer…

This is not a simple audiobook where the principles of manipulation will be listed, but a real guide to picking up signals from people trying to persuade you and influence you, then to counter these manipulative attacks, and eventually, if this is your intention, to be yourself to use these powerful techniques to your advantage!

In this detailed and valuable audiobook, you will discover:

  • The main characteristics of a manipulator
  • The powerful techniques used by manipulators like brainwashing!
  • The 7 signals to watch out for not being manipulated
  • How to understand if the manipulation is used against you
  • How to defend yourself from manipulation, and possibly to manipulate yourself others!
  • The cornerstones for understanding human behavior
  • 6 Tenets to Believe
  • How to identify dark personalities
  • The 6 principles of persuasion
  • How to use deception to influence minds
  • And much more!

The manipulation and the various techniques of dark psychology can be harmful and one must be very careful in case someone tries to use them against us, and at the same time must pay attention to using them against others. They are also very useful, and it is important to be experts on these topics!

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