Dark Psychology: The Ultimate Guide to Find out the Secrets of Emotional Influence, Hypnotism, Deception, Covert Nlp and Brainwashing to Stop Being Manipulated and Foresee Human Behavior

Dark manipulation is going to be found all around us. All of us are going to use some form of manipulation to get what we want and to benefit us. Even if we are not meaning to call harm to the other person, we are going to use this kind of manipulation in order to convince someone to help us out, to do what we want, or to benefit us in some manner or another.

In this guidebook, we are going to spend some time talking about manipulation, persuasion, deception, and more and how it can be used, either by us or against us, in many different scenarios throughout our lives. Some of the different topics that we are going to bring up in this guidebook will include:

  • Emotional influence and how it is used against a victim.
  • The basics of mind control and how it is different brainwashing and other similar techniques.
  • How to deceive others who are around you.
  • The power of persuasion and the six main principles that are used here.
  • How to understand manipulation and why it is so different from the other techniques we have discussed in this guidebook.
  • Some of the techniques that you can use in order to work with manipulation and persuasion to benefit you.
  • How to detect when manipulation is being used against you.
  • How to defend yourself against any manipulation that is coming your way.
  • Learning how dark manipulation is found all around us.

When you are ready to learn more about dark manipulation and how it affects us all, and even how to use some dark manipulation of your own to get more of what you need out of life, make sure to check this guidebook out!

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