Emotional Intelligence Mastery: 2 Manuscripts in 1- Learn How To Speed Read People Through Body Language Analysis, Develop Your EQ, Increase Your Influence and Master Your Social Skills

Research has shown that people say much less than they are actually thinking. Think of this in terms of the knack for deception people have and you will find that it is important to be able to read people so that you can get the full story including what they are not saying with their words.
However, to fully understand another individual and why they act in a certain way requires high Emotional Intelligence.
This book contains two manuscripts which have been put together from a ton of research and personal experience and you will find that it teaches what it promises and more.
In the book How to Analyze People: The Ultimate Guide to Speed Reading People Through Body Language Analysis and Proven Psychological Techniques, you will discover;
• How to read people from their nonverbal cues,• How to classify and identify people’s characters so that you will better understand them,• The parts of the brain responsible for certain behaviors, and so much more.
In the book Emotional Intelligence: Master Your Emotions, Develop Your EQ, Increase Your Influence, Build Deeper Relationships, you will discover;
• Practical strategies develop high Emotional Intelligence,• The impact of EQ in a marriage, how to address issues using EQ,• The impact of EQ in social settings,• Habits that will impede high EQ development and what to do about it.
These books will help you turn your life around. It will make you a better judge of character and as such will give you an upper hand when dealing with people. It will also help you identify what it is that people truly want, quality information that will come in handy when negotiating for one thing or the other.
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