FROM BRAINWASH TO HOGWASH ESCAPING AND EXPOSING POLYGAMY: Exposing Polygamy (Revised and updated second edition)

The story of one girl’s struggle growing up in the Fundamental Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, who eventually escaped from polygamy, and lives today to expose the facts about polygamous mind-control sects, including: The truth about plural marriage. The physical, mental and sexual abuse of women. The assigned marriage of young girls to senior men. The uncontrolled health issues brought about by intermarriage and incest. The excommunicated boys forced to fend for themselves. And the continuing efforts to liberate those still trapped within it. Jenny tells the things kept secret within the FLDS. The physical, mental, and sexual abuse; the fraud and misuse of welfare funds; the atrocities that are committed in the name of religion and God; the children driven out of their homes who are in need of intercession and protection and the parents who are forced by a tyrant religion to turn their back on them. Jenny was on the television show Geraldo Rivera, she was Hellraiser of the month in Mother Jones magazine and she also appeared on Good Morning America.

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