The 2014 EDITION brings you up to date on all Doug is continuing to do to stop the abuse caused by the dangerous myth of “lie detection” and details the unscrupulous, unconstitutional methods the government is now using to try to stop – and even imprison him for speaking out against the abusive polygraph industry. It also includes the original version of his manual HOW TO STING THE POLYGRAPH. A decorated veteran of the Oklahoma City Police Department, Doug Williams held the rank of Detective Sergeant in charge of the Internal Affairs/Polygraph Section. As an expert police polygraphist, he administered thousands of tests. But, as Diane Sawyer said on 60 MINUTES, “Doug knows everything about the polygraph, and he says it doesn’t work!” This is the true story of how Doug changed from cop to crusader in order to fight the abuse perpetrated by the sick joke called the “lie detector”, and the practitioners of what he describes as an “insidious Orwellian instrument of torture”. This is the ultimate “whistle blower” book that chronicles the exciting and dangerous adventures of Doug Williams and his crusade against the multi-billion dollar scam called lie detection; what the inventor of the polygraph, Dr. John Larson, referred to as “Frankenstein’s monster”. Before December of 1988, three out of every four people in private industry in the U.S. had to pass a polygraph test in order to get or keep a job; after December of 1988, that was a violation of federal law. How did that happen? Legislation to prohibit this type of polygraph testing had been introduced every year since 1972, and every year it failed to pass – every year, that is, until 1988. Why did that legislation finally succeed after so many failures? Many say it was primarily due to the efforts of Doug Williams. As a matter of fact, Doug Williams was given the VOLUNTEER ADVOCATE award by the ACLU for being “the one person most responsible for the Employee Polygraph Protection Act becoming a federal law”. Doug tells of all he did to get this law passed and what he continues to do in his fight against the polygraph industry by employing a three pronged attack – LEGISLATION, LITIGATION, & EDUCATION. This book is an exciting behind the scenes account of Doug’s first very controversial appearance on national television, his intensely explosive testimony in congress, and his work to build grass roots support to outlaw the use of the polygraph. His crusade against the polygraph industry became an obsession, and for many years he lived in the back of a 1967 Chevy panel truck and moved from city to city putting on seminars and going on radio and television talk shows to promote support for legislation that would outlaw the use of the polygraph. It tells of how he debunked the myth of “lie detection” on CBS 60 MINUTES; in this classic investigative report, three out of three polygraph operators called three different truthful people liars on a crime that never even happened. Doug has been featured on most of the major news programs, and on all of the major television and cable networks including CBS 60 MINUTES, CBS NIGHTWATCH, NBC NIGHTLY NEWS, CNN NEWS, FOX NETWORK’S EXPLORING THE UNKNOWN, NBC DATELINE, FOX NEWS, CNN NEWS STAND, THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL, BBC, TLC, and SHOWTIME PENN & TELLER: BULLSHIT! He has been featured in over 1000 newspaper and magazine articles, thousands of blogs, has been interviewed by hundreds of local TV news and talk shows, and appeared on over 500 radio talk shows. He has lobbied in the US House of Representatives and the Senate, and was a member of the Office of Technology Assessment studying the validity of the polygraph as a “lie detector”. This book tells of what Doug Williams has done; the dangers he has faced, the victories he has had, and some of the humorous incidents that occurred along the way. It tells of how he continues to fight the dangerous myth of lie detection, and what the government is doing to try to stop him.

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