How to Analyze People: A Guide to Speed Reading of Body Language, Use Psychological Manipulation Techniques for Influencing People and Understand by Emotional intelligence What Every Mind is Saying

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Have you ever wondered how some people seem to get everything they ask for, and how people tend to be drawn to them? Want to know how your coworker seems to know exactly what the boss is thinking and how he always knows the right thing to say? Here’s your chance.

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Learn how to get people to decide in your favor. Influence their choices without saying a word. All through the subconscious power of non-verbal communication.

Subtle, precise, planned movements and gestures will have people eager to give you what you’re asking for. No longer do you have to wonder what it would be like to be at the top; now you will have the tools to climb your way there.

  •           Learn how to interpret non-verbal communication
  •           Facial expressions
  •           Pose
  •           Subconscious gestures
  •           Recognize signs of attraction
  •           Learn how to use your non-verbal communication to influence people
  •           How to get people to say yes before you even ask the questionable
  •           Tips, tricks and techniques to improve your ability to read people

Learn how to consciously control the non-verbal messages you are sending without seeming stiff and awkward. Techniques for getting what you ask for and getting it with ease.

Ace those job interviews, one-on-one meetings with your boss and get the promotion you deserve.

Learn how to know what someone wants without ask. Be able to meet her needs without her needing to ask you to.

This book could help you to know how to read the body language and interpret the non-verbal cues can put you a step ahead of the competition.

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