How to Analyze People: A Psychologist’s Guide to Master the Art of Speed Reading Anyone, Through Psychological Techniques & Body Language Analysis (Psychology Self-Help) (Volume 6)

Imagine how different your life would be if you truly knew how to read the other people in your life.

Whether its assessing potential business clients, knowing what your colleagues are really thinking, or simply being able to read the true intentions of strangers on the street. You will gain such an advantage in life and get so much more out of your relationships as a result. Especially when it comes to spotting potentially deceitful behavior. But most people aren’t equipped with the right verbal and non-verbal analysis tools to do it.

Katherine Chambers is an Ex-Stanford Psychologist who specializes in all forms neuroscientific and psychotherapy subjects. However it wasn’t until she left college life and entered the ‘real world’ did she start to understand these theoretical topics in a practical sense. One skill she has continued to perfect, is the art of analyzing people.

In this insightful and functional book, Chambers gives readers a firsthand look into the body language principles as well as a practical real life guide on how to:

  • Understand your own biochemistry, to better understand others
  • Use the 5 contextual cues to assess any situation
  • Detect “Leaking Signals” people subconsciously give away
  • Understand the words being spoken and why they were selected
  • Pattern seeking secrets of the limbs
  • Interpret the goldmine of gestures of facial expressions
  • Use the “Pinocchio Principle” to detect general deception

… and much more.

A Psychologist’s guide to Analyzing People is a mixture of theoretical principles combined with real life practical advice on how to read the behavior of anyone. The verbal and non-verbal analysis tools will help you get a leg-up in every interaction in your life, from business associates, family/friend relationships and everything in between.

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