How to Analyze People: Become a master of the human mind. Learn to read body language and influence people in five minutes with speed reading, the art of manipulation and dark psychology

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Would you like to learn how to read people like a pro?

You instantly know when a friend’s face is tied up, they are looking tense and you know there’s something wrong, but the person insists on saying no. It is the posture of the person delivering the way she is feeling, which conveys to the other person tension, joy, relaxation, fear or any other emotion. This is called body language.

Body language is a very important aspect and one that you should work on. What if you need to convince someone to make a contribution to your business, but your body language shows insecurity? 

What if a customer is very annoying and he realizes that you are thinking this about him? 

What if you need to motivate and inspire your team – and as a leader, you will need to – and they realize the strain and worry behind your words?

It is very important to work on body language so that your body does not denounce you. Know how to use it in your favor: conveying firmness, security, and reliability.

With this book you will learn:

  • how to enhance and read body language    
  • improve your verbal/non verbal communication skills
  • how to spot if someone is lying or is using these techniques against you  
  • tips and tricks to be persuasive and make people believe what you are saying
  • cold reading and many other techniques

If you want to improve your life and your relationship this is the perfect book for you! 

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