How to Analyze People: Secret Techniques to Beat Manipulation and Dark Deception Using Body Language Psychology and the Art of Your Emotional Intelligence, Discovering What Every Person is Saying

Have you ever finished communicating with someone and noticed a peculiar gesture which is now making you anxious because you don’t know what it means? What does that smirk mean? Why are his hands folded across his chest?

If you want to master the art of body language, understand the science of human behavior and discover how to read people like a book, then keep reading…

Science has proven that 90 percent of interpersonal communication is non-verbal. Which are picked up by the subconscious of parties involved, but sadly, a great many people are completely oblivious to this vast realm of human communication, losing out on great opportunities to become successful in every social, personal or professional encounter.

The few who do master these vital skills often have an unfair advantage in life.

Condensing decades of research and field-tested techniques, this guide will help you decrypt the subtle intricacies of human subconscious communication and becoming the genuine telepath you’ve always wanted to be, helping you to connect with people on a deeper level.

Here’s a tiny fraction of what you’re going to discover in this new world of human interaction:

  • The four main rules of body language to help you interpret gestures correctly. You will make incorrect assumptions that will cost you dearly if you ignore these
  • 6 surefire tips to help you make a positive first impression on new acquaintances
  • Common gestures from various parts of the body and what they mean
  • How to fix your own body language issues that are setting you back
  • 12 silent signs of negative emotions that you are probably unaware of and is killing your ability to influence people, and how to recognize these signs
  • How to read a person’s emotional state by observing their breathing
  • How to spot liars using body language and verbal signals
  • and much much more!

Even if you aren’t an expert hostage negotiator, a psychologist with years of experience or simply you’ve tried to unlock these vital skills before but still feel lost, you’ll be able to read a person’s body language and tell how they feel about you with accuracy.

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