How to Analyze People: The Ultimate GUIDE to Mastering the Art of READING PEOPLE through BODY LANGUAGE. Learn TIPS to detect SIGNS of Lying, Attraction, Insecurity, Confidence

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When is the last time someone lied to you? If you don’t know, read on…

Is that woman or man sitting near you at a party romantically interested in you? Signals from the opposite sex are different from the ones you send out.

You deal with people every day—loved ones, maybe colleagues, friends, or the person who checks out your order—and any of those interactions can go sideways in the blink of an eye, leaving you wondering what happened.

Knowing when someone is lying, attracted, insecure, or confident can help you unsnarl tangled interactions and avoid problems. If you could influence how others perceived you by making small adjustments, then you would have gained an invaluable tool for personal and business interactions.

How to Analyze People gives you the power to:

  • Read people through body language

  • Understand personality types

  • Improve how people perceive you

The information packed into this brief, easy-to-read book includes:

  • Reading and interpreting body language, plus mistakes to avoid and powerful tips

  • Detecting specific personality traits through body language

  • Detecting lies and deception

  • Understanding signals of attraction

  • Identifying ten signs of insecurity

  • Influencing people with these 6 key tools, plus how influence differs from coercion and manipulation

  • Upping your handshake game—and why it matters

  • Understanding what your behavior says about your personality

  • Using easy tips to build rapport fast and make a great first impression

  • Understanding and dealing with objections using body language

If you think that understanding body language and being good at rapport are just for other people, let this book demystify the topic for you.

Purchase it today to see how many ways How to Analyze People will improve your life, from enhancing your charisma to upping your bottom line.

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