Hypnosis for Dummies

Would you like to learn how you can become a hypnotist?Did you know that you can learn this amazing art from a book, which will teach you the secrets of hypnosis and self-hypnosis?You can do it with the help of Hypnosis for Dummies, a new self-help book which explores this mysterious ability and the fascination that we have held for it through the centuries.In just 7 concise and thoroughly researched chapters you will discover:The History of hypnosisHow hypnosis worksThe different types of hypnosis Some of the myths and misconception surrounding itHow To Use Self Hypnosis Hоw Tо Sеlf-Hyрnоtizе Fоr Wеіght LоѕѕHow To Ipnotize People+ AMAZING GIFT FOR YOU!When you have completely read the book, you will be able to practise basic NLP psychology, hypnosis and self-hypnosis easily and with confidence.Hypnosis can work as a therapy for many different mental and physical conditions, including stress and anxiety which have become steadily more prevalent in modern society.With Hypnosis for Dummies you can learn techniques which will open many new doors to a wider and more interesting world.

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