Influence Human Behavior: Psychology Techniques For Reading Body Language, Personality Types, Persuasion And Manipulation

Do you want the skills to:

Command attention?

Get people to agree with you and say yes?

Generate higher income?

Seduce and attract people sexually & romantically?

You can now take those skills and download them directly into your head!

After years of intensive research, experiments and costly trial-and-errors, researchers have now found the pillars of human manipulation. Now backed up by science, you can apply a few tweaks to your life and become a top-level influencer.

In “Influence Human Behavior”, you’ll get proven techniques for reading body language, tips for dealing with different personalities, and discover the psychology behind persuasion and manipulation.

Here are just a few of the things you can accomplish by applying the principles inside this book:

✓ Changing other people’s behavior, so you can have your relationships “your way”
✓ Boosting sales and income
✓ Attract the opposite sex for one night stands or long-term relationships
✓ Win lots of true, loyal and powerful friends
✓ Make people admire you, trust you and respect you
✓ Feel confident in any social situation
Conquer difficult people and protect yourself from toxic influences
✓ Shock any job interviewer and get your dream job
Convince your boss to give you a promotion and raise, and be happy to do so
✓ Motivate other people and become a role-model
✓ And Much, Much more!

If you take the ideas, concepts and tools from all the material in this book and just practice for ten minutes a day, you will be influencing people easily.

A word of caution: The methods and information in this book are effective and have proven to work. You have to be responsible for your results.

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