Lie Detection: Seeing through Deception and Lies of Others

All people lie a little, some intentionally, others not. Some about big things, others just to cover up their weaknesses, insecurities, or the reason why they are late. Money is an absolute liar-magnet, of course, and so are incentives like sex or fame. But however it is all unraveling in this current society, it’s important to know it is real. What matters even more, is that you can recognize them for what they are, and that you can cut through the BS people are selling you.For this crucial purpose, I have compiled this book to enlighten you with techniques you can use in your everyday life to spot liars, call them out, or not fall for their charades. I’ve categorized this topics into sub-categories such as understanding cultures and interrogations, myths and inaccurate beliefs about lies, the very definition of lying, and some ethical questions you could ask yourself.All of these things will give you further knowledge on the topic and enable you to become more and more of a human lie detector. Get started now!

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