Manipulation : Learn To Spot And Avoid Manipulation As An Empath | Improve Your Emotional Intelligence In Work And Life

Ever caught yourself doing something for that someone when you really didn’t feel like it?

Or what about constantly being led into things by others and always having the feeling that you are getting the shorter end of the stick in work and life?

Fret not

Many people find themselves being manipulated, in various different situations. Sometimes it could be just harmless benign play between friends, but in other times it could be dangerous and hurtful.

This time it is different

You know you want to spot and stop manipulation from taking root in your life.

You want to wrest back that feeling of control and get the sense of empowerment where no one but yourself holds the key to your destiny

In Manipulation you will learn to master these skills

  • A single powerful practice that is definitely able to halt manipulation in your life
  • What makes a manipulator tick – know this to be able to handle manipulators
  • The Two Things you ought to do at Work right now – and other strategies to reduce or eliminate work place manipulation
  • How to cope with a manipulative relationship and how to solve it
  • The next best thing to seeing a real coach – practical hands on section to prepare you for the real world
  • How to get and BE comfortable in your own skin –  be a rock when someone tries manipulative techniques on you.

You can be have a life free from manipulation and undue stress

It is possible to enjoy work as well as reap the rewards and yet not have anyone play unnecessary games with you

And yes you can enjoy that wonderful relationship with your partner or loved ones without that shadow of manipulation coloring it

All you really need to do is to learn what manipulation and manipulators are, and arm yourself with the tips and techniques found in this book in order to take that step toward a life free from manipulation!

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