Manipulation + NLP Mastery + Body Language + Stoicism: Discover the Secrets of Dark Psychology: The Ultimate Guide to Explore the Secrets of the Mind: Explore the Secrets of the Mind

Do you desire to have an idea of what “NLP mastery” means?

Do you have interest in knowing more about stoicism?

Do you care to know what “manipulation” simply means? Do you desire to know “body language” entails? Do you want to know who a dark persuader is?

This book is outstanding and special. The above questions was answered through the PARTS of the book.


Through the content of this book, you will understand that persuading someone simply means convincing someone to do or accept as true, using a variety of methods to give advice or discuss. The dissimilarity between belief and dark conviction is intention. A persuader could try to convince someone to do something without thinking about certain tactics or motives, or a real understanding of the person they are trying to persuade. A persuader could take care of doing the best for most people, such as a diplomat who he wants to avoid the war between two world powers by establishing political ties where none existed before. A persuasion artist may be frantically searching for straws and waiting for something to stick. Having a grasp of this book will give you more understanding. 


Stoicism has only a few central teachings. It should remind us how unpredictable the world can be. How short is our life moment. How to stay firm and strong and have yourself under control. The source of our dissatisfaction lies in our impulsive dependence on our reflexive senses and not on logic.


Manipulation improves your level of belonging, reduces the risk of losing your self-worth, and promotes smartness. Perhaps you’re intrigued and would like to have your voices known and obeyed, and you don’t know how to make this a reality. Or maybe you have tried to get people around you to obey your feelings, but you found it too challenging. This book will give you information on influencing people with dark psychology, mind control, and persuasion techniques. Please listen to all the chapters of this book till the end in other to have more knowledge of manipulation.


This may seem a bit intimidating, but through the chapters of this book, you will be fully aware that it’s just the process of becoming aware of the nature of other’s feelings and emotions and learning how to handle them, so that you are not at the reactions of moods, external circumstances, and random events.

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