Master Your Emotions: 3 Books in 1: The Ultimate Psychology Guide to Analyzing, Reading and Influencing People Using Body Language, Understand the Emotional Intelligence and Manage the Overthinking

Are you in control of your emotions at all times?

Are there some situations where you find it hard to keep them in check?

Would you like to improve your ability in this crucial area of life?

We are not always the masters of our emotions. For some of us it is an impossible task and they can take over in moments of stress, when our common sense tells us otherwise. Having emotions that are not entirely in check can be at best embarrassing and at worst dangerous. But how do you manage them when you find yourself in a challenging situation?

This book bundle, Master Your Emotions, is a collection of three amazing books, Overthinking, EQ Emotional Intelligence and How to Analyze People. Each book examines something different and provides you with practical tip on:

  • What emotions are
  • The difference between EQ and IQ
  • Emotional Intelligence in relationships
  • Developing EQ
  • How to understand overthinking
  • Exercises for positive thinking and thought
  • How to interpret non-verbal communication
  • Becoming better at reading people
  • And much moreā€¦

There three books combined are the key to you improving many aspects of your life. By mastering your emotions, improving your EQ and becoming better at reading other people you can succeed at almost anything, either in your business or personal life.

Get a copy of the great value bundle today and improve your life in ways you never thought possible!

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