NLP: Sales Psychology Playbook (Your Secret Weapon for Transforming Your Sales Process and Doubling Your Conversion Rates With Proven NLP Tactics)

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Did you know, people make decisions emotionally and then use facts to justify their decisions?

Did you know, that the subconscious mind is what actually makes the decisions, even before the conscious mind gets involved?

Scary, but true…

And unfortunately, salespeople who approach their customers using reason and logic have poor conversion rates…While salespeople who know that their job is to emotionally influence their customer on the subconscious level will get a sale almost every single time.

Well, what if you knew how to sell on the subconscious level?

What if you knew the tactics and techniques that allowed you to penetrate through your customer’s conscious faculty and reach them on a deep and influential level? What if you knew exactly how to produce the emotional reaction that would cause them to buy? What if you knew how to read your customer’s body language so well that you could lead them to the decision you wanted, with ease?

All of this is possible and more when you use NLP to sell!

Fair warning…Some of these tactics are a little sneaky and Machiavellian…but sometimes you have to help your customer break out of their comfort zone and take advantage of your product or service! And knowing these techniques will also help you to become a better listener and more in touch with your customer’s needs.

In this book you will learn:

✔ 7 powerful NLP hacks to instantly supercharge your selling today

✔ The most effective body language hacks to build rapport with your customers – fast!

✔ How to use Modal Operators to move customers beyond their limitations

✔ How to use embedded commands to powerfully influence your customer to make a decision

✔ How to use Future Pacing to make your product irresistible

✔ How to use Hypnotic fractionation to get the sale

✔ And much, much more

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