Rerouting Your Thoughts: An Introduction to Autosuggestion

REROUTINGYOUR THOUGHTS will help you understand…
* howthoughts create your reality and how habitual thoughts have put you where youare now
            ‒ how youcan learn to recognize and change those thoughts
* the functions of the conscious and subconscious mind
* how you can develop a system where you are in directcontact with your subconscious for the purpose of self-improvement 
* how the immense power of your subconscious can be used tocreate a positive mental attitude
* how to saturate your mind with cleansing, positivethoughts that reroute the pathways to your mind
           ‒ thereby allowingpositive thought to overtake negative thought and ultimately your life
* the simplicity of the techniques described
            ‒illustrating the endless stream of power you will have at your disposal onceyou begin to use them
* how a French psychologist, one hundred years ago, wascredited with having cured thousands of people with his simple procedure
By applying the simple techniques inthis book you will have the ability to…
*change and reform your life
*pull yourself up from despair
*clear away the clutter from the past
*experience the peace of mind you see in others
*live in harmony, peace and abundance

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