Scripts & Strategies in Hypnotherapy With Children

Clearly and enthusiastically presented, this book provides a step-by-step approach to incorporating hypnotherapeutic scripts and strategies for working with a wide spectrum of challenges faced by young people ages 6 to 16.The author’s realistic perspective takes into account the variety of thinking styles represented by the population we call young people, emphasizing that chronological age does not always match a client’s presentation. Completely contemporary, many of the scripts use metaphors that are especially meaningful in the world of young people, including computers, iPods, and Play Stations. Hypnotherapy is an effective and expedient approach for working with children in part because young people tend to be open to it. As the author points out, Children are accustomed to using their imagination they live in it on a daily basis. Thus, suggestions to visualize images or colors or to make characters bigger or smaller and so forth are easily accepted. By the same token, any of these carefully selected hypnotherapeutic scripts can be quickly adapted to the particular imagination and level of the young client. Throughout, possibilities and cautions are considered with respect to structuring sessions, determining when it is advisable to bring others into the treatment team, and choice of induction. Whether new to hypnotherapy or to working with this age group or perhaps looking for fresh ways to employ what you know ‘Scripts & Strategies in Hypnotherapy with Children’ will contribute something essential to helping children (and parents) cope with issues such as: Low self-esteem, behavior problems, exam stress, bedwetting, soiling, fear of the dark, bullying, weak organizational or study skills, and much more. Solution-focused and reality tested, this collection of inductions, accompanied by illuminating explanations, will empower any treatment plan.

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