Suggestion and Autosuggestion

This book continues the series on New Psychology, together with the books on “Memory Culture” and “The New Psychology”. It explores how suggestions and especially autosuggestions are a key element in the obtainment of health, happiness and prosperity. Suggestion is everywhere. Therefore, we must be extremely careful on knowing what we are allowing into our lives, because suggestions are extremely powerful, as the author states in this following paragraph. “Writers along special lines often have a hard fight to avoid being overcome with the Auto-Suggestions made easy by reason of their constant statements of certain special things. Experts on insanity frequently become insane. Writers upon certain forms of disease are often affected by their own statements, constantly repeated. Salesmen become impressed with certain tales told about their particular goods, that if they happen to change employers the old Auto-Suggestions are very hard to overcome. Fanaticism and bigotry arise often from the constant statement of certain beliefs to others, acting as Auto-Suggestion. In short, that which we constantly repeat to ourselves, and others, tends to become a fixed impression in our minds, difficult to eradicate, and often influencing us to a great extent. This being the case, we should avoid influencing ourselves along these undesirable lines, and should always try to impress ourselves with desirable qualities and ideas. We have the power of intelligent choice in this matter—there is no excuse for not using it properly.”

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