The Art of Hypnotherapy

Now in it’s 4th edition, this classic text presents a comprehensive overview of client-centered hypnosis based on the teachings of Charles Tebbets. Since it is the person under going hypnosis is the one with power to change him/herself, the hypnotherapist acts as the facilitator, tailoring the hypnosis session to the client. All of the techniques found in this volume, including regression therapy and parts theory center on this concept. The Art of Hypnotherapy shows students how all hypnotic techniques revolve around four main therapeutic objectives: Suggestion and Imagery; Discover the Cause; Release; and Subconscious Relearning. New features in this edition include an arrangement of techniques from simple to complex, so those using hypnosis in a limited way easily learn the applicable techniques, a chapter on the common application of hypnotherapy that now includes new sections on: anger, impotence, stuttering, and tinnitus, and the chapters on anchoring and triggers have been updated with sections on how to help a client establish a safe place, and why this is important.

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