The Brainwashing Book: Hypnotic, Erotic Behaviorism and Beyond

“Brainwashing” is a concept that titillates and mystifies—it implies an intense kind of control over another person and surrender of will. Within the context of erotic hypnosis, it might be considered a sort of holy grail to some, but what does it mean to achieve this in an ethical, effective, and mutually enjoyable way?In “The Brainwashing Book,” we’ll explore a model that teaches and takes advantage of well-researched psychological principles and intermediate-to-advanced hypnosis skills in order to pursue this fun, hot form of play—and find how it can improve your trancing as a whole.sleepingirl is a queer writer, presenter, and podcaster with a decade of real-life erotic hypnosis experience on both sides of the “pocket watch.” She has a lifelong passion for the cerebral and intimate and has taught at kink events across the United States. Find her on Twitter @h_sleepingirl, Tumblr @h-sleepingirl, FetLife @sleepingirl. She hosts a podcast on hypnokink with her brainwashed partner: “Two Hyp Chicks.”

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