The Hypnosis Collection - Law of Attraction: Four Complete Life-Changing Hypnosis Programs for Manifesting Mastery

How would it feel to be able to attract what you want in life? You can manifest love, wealth, happiness and success. Discover attraction techniques that really work – today.

Learn to attract everything you want.

We’ve brought together four amazing, world-leading professional and qualified hypnotists who have years of experience helping thousands of people fulfil their potential. With any one of these four incredible sessions, you’ll create a new, powerful mind-set that will unlock your potential and impart the knowledge that will help you use the law of attraction to manifest anything you want. And you can make that change today. Each of the sessions will turbocharge your mind-set to enable you to manifest health, wealth, happiness – everything you desire.

Hypnosis Session 1: The Most Powerful Law of Attraction Hypnosis Program in the World, with Stuart Ashing. This powerful double hypnosis session will help you align your subconscious with the law of attraction and create a new, positive belief in an abundant universe. This will boost your powers of attracting what you want.

Hypnosis Session 2: Become a Law of Attraction Magnet with Hypnosis – in Under an Hour, with Catherine Jackson. Attract the things in life you want and change your life today. Authentic change can happen in an instant. This session will help you activate your strongest, healthiest, most positive self to attract what you want in life.

Hypnosis Session 3: The Ultimate Law of Attraction Hypnosis Bundle, with Leslie Riopel. This exciting dual-power hypnosis session will help you to believe in yourself as a magnet for good things.

Hypnosis Session 4: Law of Attraction Hypnosis, with Julie-Ann Amos. This energizing session will help boost your positive vibrations and strengthen your resolve.

The Law of Attraction will work for you if you know how to access it. It’s never been easier. All you have to do is listen to the relaxing, hypnotic audio and follow the simple instructions.

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