True Wealth Starts in the Mind: Whatever man puts his mind on, it will not be denied him

How you do anything is how you do everything. The principles shared in this book can be used in many areas of your life, Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Social/Relational and Financial. Allow each chapter to impact and move your life from bad to good or good to great. Use the principles to move you from Vision to Reality, bringing you closer to the person you wish to become. The writers in this book share the key elements that impacted their lives in multiple areas creating a shift. A made-up mind is a powerful weapon, it can tear down walls or build them up. You decide. True Wealth Starts in the Mind.Contributing authors: Rene’ Turner, Lee Williams, Margo Williams, Tony Stephens, Collis Temple III, Joseph Ward, Joyclen Prevost, Kristopher Aaron, Dr. Tasheka L. Greem, Robert Davis, Chauvon Landry, Sedrick Thomas, Terrill Knighton, Michael Evans, Regina Evans, William Orender, Larry Weidel, Angie Reed-Hogans.

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