Winning Moves: Body Language for Business

We are in touch, but we have lost touch. This is the impact of all the devices, Email, texting, social media and endless hours we spend on the Internet these days.To be a winner in business today you need an extra dimension, an edge. With Winning Moves, Body Language For Business you can learn to present a new and enhanced super-you to people, prospects, customers and leads. You can learn to spot and decode your prospect’s nonverbal signals, and handle indifference, skepticism, objections or hostility. You can cultivate and refine your image management, self-confidence, aura, expressions, gestures and posture. You can upgrade your public speaking, presentation, negotiation, and deal-closing skills.In Winning Moves, Body Language For Business you will find real world techniques that will improve your power to convince, augment your attraction, and beef up your bottom line.Winning Moves is primarily for people in business, with a focus on sales, presentation and negotiation, but it can work as well for those in related disciplines: law, politics, education, psychology, journalism or any activity involving live interaction with people. Winning Moves nonverbal techniques and tactics can be your winning edge!

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