Accelerated Learning: The Most Effective Techniques: How to Learn Fast, Improve Memory, Save Your Time and Be Successful (Positive Psychology Coaching Series) (Volume 14)

Unleash the awesome power of your brain to achieve your true potential, learn anything, and enjoy greater success than you ever thought possible.

Packed with proven methods that help you significantly improve your memory and develop simple-yet-powerful learning methods, Accelerated Learning: The Most Effective Techniques is the only brain training manual you’ll ever need to master new skills, become an expert in any subject, and achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Easy Step-by-Step Instructions Anyone Can Use Immediately
– Student preparing for crucial exams?
– Parent looking to better understand, encourage, and support your child’s learning?
– Career professional hoping to develop new skills to land that dream job?

Whoever you are and whatever your reason for wanting to improve your memory, Accelerated Learning: The Most Effective Techniques will show you exactly how to do it with simple, actionable tasks that you can use to help you:

  • Destroy your misconceptions that learning is difficult – leaving you free to fairly pursue your biggest passions.
  • Stop procrastinating forever, eliminate distractions entirely, and supercharge your focus, no matter what the task at hand.
  • Cut the amount of time it takes you to study effectively and enjoy more time away from your textbooks.
  • Give yourself the best chance of success by creating your own optimal learning environment.

Everything you’ll learn in this book can be implemented immediately regardless of your academic background, age, or circumstances, so no matter who you are, you can start changing your life for the better RIGHT NOW.
Take control of your future with life-changing learning skills.
Self-doubt is often one of the biggest barriers people face in realizing their full potential and enjoying true success.

In Accelerated Learning: The Most Effective Techniques, you’ll not only find out how to overcome that self-doubt, but also how to thrive in any learning environment with scientifically-proven tools and techniques.

You’ll also discover:

  • How to use an ancient Roman method for flawless memorization of long speeches and complex information
  • The secret to never forgetting anyone’s name ever again.
  • The easy way to learn an entirely new language, no matter how complex.
  • The reason why flashcards, mind maps, and mnemonic devices haven’t worked for you in the past – and how to change that.
  • The simple speed-reading techniques you can use to absorb information faster.
  • How to cut the amount of time it takes you to study effectively and enjoy more time away from your textbooks.
  • The truth about binaural beats and whether they can help you focus.
  • How to effectively cram any exam (in case of emergencies!).

…And much more!

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