Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Anxiety: The Ultimate Guide to Overcome Anxiety, Depression, Stress and Panic Trough CBT, Emotional Intelligence and Deep Relaxation

Learn how you can effectively use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to effectively tame stress, anxiety, depression, negative thinking, anger, and much more!

There is something that most doctors won’t tell you about fighting stress, anxiety, depression, negative thoughts, worry, anger and other emotions; that you can get the same effects as medication using a natural, dependence free approach known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

What they also won’t tell you is that CBT is better than medication because it does not create dependence, as you only have to go through therapy for a number of sessions.

And most importantly, they won’t tell you that the success rate of CBT stands at 50-75 percent, just like medication, which is 50-75 percent!

If you’ve tried to use medication before, you know just how it creates dependence. And do I need to mention that they don’t talk about the huge number of deaths that come with such drugs like anti-anxiety medication because of overdose coming from addiction?

I know you are wondering:

  • So how is CBT different?
  • Will it help you overcome these mental and emotional health issues, for good?
  • How exactly does it work?
  • Has CBT been proven scientifically?
  • Are the effects of using CBT permanent?
  • And is it possible to combine CBT with medication- will the effects be even better?
  • How do you start using CBT to deal restore your mental and emotional health?

This audioook seeks to answer all these questions and much more. It covers the ins and outs of using CBT to help you neutralize all the stress, anxiety, worry, fear, anger, negative thoughts, and much more; build emotional intelligence and experience deep relaxation.

More precisely, in this audiobook, you will learn:

  • The basics of CBT, including what it is, what it entails, the theory behind it, how it works, the problems that CBT can help you with, how it has evolved, what to expect in a CBT session etc.
  • How to evaluate yourself to understand what actually makes your mind tick
  • How to make the most use of decentering and diffusion, 2 important concepts in CBT
  • Cognitive distortions that may explain why you have a problem with negative thinking, stress, anxiety, depression, fear, anger, worry etc. and how to deal with these
  • Why conformity may be pushing you slowly to struggle with different emotional and mental health problems
  • The link between spirituality and self-help
  • Strategies that you can use to fight anxiety, stress, depression, and all these problems effectively
  • How to challenge unhelpful and intrusive thoughts effectively
  • How to build a better relationship with yourself and keep it that way, including why that matters
  • Highly effective cognitive behavioral activities and exercises that will set you up for freedom
  • How to optimize your life to be happy, satisfied, and free from all these problems

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