Dark Psychology: Secrets of Influence, Emotional Brainwashing, and Lie Detection

Emotions are powerful things. They are capable of completely overriding our logic centers, causing us to make very poor choices as we do not think of the consequences. Emotion is also capable of making us act on them out of pure instinct, and we are barely, if at all, able to even comprehend what we are about to do. However, we can learn to gain emotional intelligence, thereby gaining the ability to know the true source of the emotion and what to do about it. This book can teach you how to do just that. It will teach you the distinctions between being embarrassed, real guilt, and shame.

Within the chapters of this book you will also learn about hypnosis. It will teach you about the use of hypnosis throughout the centuries. Learn whether hypnosis can restore memories, you will even learn a little bit about NLP.

Hear about what deception actually is and gain the knowledge to dispel the inaccurate beliefs about liars. Listen to how statistics are feeding the fake news and why you need to learn from multiple sources.

Study how jealousy works, what it’s for, and why men and women experience it differently. This book has it all.

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