Effective Communication: The Patterns of Easy Influence: Master business communication, professional communication, and influence, the psychology of persuasion. Achieve sales leadership and success.

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You have a problem. Let me explain:

Your professional communication is ineffective. Why? Because it is missing structure. And business communication without structure is a lost opportunity. It sidelines your brilliant ideas, diminishes your workplace influence, and weakens your professional appearance. And you don’t deserve that.

Instead, here’s the truth about what you deserve:

You deserve to master effective communication, and speak with power, influence, and persuasion. You deserve to convince people that your ideas matter. It’s wrong that every time you speak or write, people won’t tune-in if you miss just one simple communication secret: structure. So let’s fix that.

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I remember when my words were forgettable… when I could actually see people tuning out. But when I started using this secret, that changed. People across the room stopped their own conversations and started listening to me. I want the same to happen to you. I want you to unlock this secret too.

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In this book, you learn 521 strategies of effective communication, including:

  • 29 proven communication theories that make your words change minds and influence people.
  • 43 hidden, little-known, step-by-step communication structures that make your words count.
  • 211 core human drives and human desires that will grab attention and motivate people.
  • 132 proven templates for starting your communication with power and undivided attention.
  • 71 communication transitions that grab attention from start to end and avoid audience tune-out.
  • 22 communication-ending strategies that guarantee your words will produce action.

This guarantees that you will:

  • Have stronger communication skills than 99% of people you will encounter in your career.
  • Ace every interview, meeting, or presentation with bullet-proof confidence and easy eloquence.
  • Understand the hidden secrets of influence, the psychology of persuasion.

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