How to Analyze People: A Guide to Human Psychology in Speed Reading People through Body Language, Personality Types, and Patterns - Dark Psychology (EI)

Do you possess the knack of reading people accurately through their verbal and non-verbal signals? The all-important skill that is the secret for helping us build more fulfilling and rewarding interpersonal relationships, improving our performance in the professional sphere, boosting our social life and making us a happier, positive and well-adapted person, is the ability to read people correctly. The secret to roaring success in work, interpersonal relationships, and social life isn’t always taught in schools. Despite having exceptional industry know-how, there is a good reason you might still struggle in your work life due to the inability to get a grasp over people’s emotions, feelings, and behavior. The art of analyzing people’s feelings, emotions, personality, thoughts, and behavior is what distinguishes ordinary performers from unquestioned winners. Reading people isn’t an inborn skill. It is an art that can be developed by anyone who makes an effort to master reading people consistently. In this book, readers will gain knowledge of everything about recognizing personality types, developing people reading strategies through verbal and non-verbal clues, developing valuable insights about human behavior using multiple psychological theories, and more. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect from this guide. •Established strategies for reading people through their verbal clues•Proven secrets for increasing your body language reading skills •The importance of mastering the art of speed reading people•Power packed tips for reading other people’s behavior and personality for forging more meaningful and gratifying interpersonal relationships•Telltale signs of lies, manipulation warmth, concern, excitement, enthusiasm, flexibility, and several other feelings/emotions. Gain control of your and other people’s actions, emotions, and personality by learning to analyze human behavior accurately for leading a more fulfilling life.

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