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The Mindset Warrior Summary Guides, provides you with a unique summarized version of the core information contained in the full book, and the essentials you need in order to fully comprehend and apply.Maybe you’ve read the original book but would like a reminder of the information? ✅ Maybe you haven’t read the book, but want a short summary to save time? ✅ Maybe you’d just like a summarized version to refer to in the future? ✅In any case, The Mindset Warrior Summary Guides can provide you with just that.

Inside You’ll Learn:✱ How to setup systems that prevent crisis✱ What to do when all your attempts to prevent a problem fail AND how to make sure it doesn’t happen again…✱ The 7 Questions you must ask yourself for a bulletproof backup plan✱ The true story behind the preparations done prior to the Hurricane Katrina disaster, and what you can learn from them.✱ What feedback you should look at to determine success. (Many people get this wrong, and they pursue the wrong metric for years, before the ACTUAL consequence show up…)

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