The How-To Book Of Hypnotism

This book is recommended to be included in every hypnotist’s library and is great reading for any person interested in the art and science of Hypnotism! Detailed word-for-word hypnotic induction methods and suggestions are given. Photographs are also included. An entire section of this book is devoted to rare instructions in Magnetic Healing. This nearly lost art form of physiological hypnosis is of inestimable value to hypnotherapy. CHAPTERS INCLUDE: ? A Brief History of Hypnotism ? The Power of Suggestion ? Preparing To Become A Hypnotist ? Experiments In Waking Hypnosis ? How To Induce Hypnotic Sleep ? Instantaneous Hypnotic Induction ? How To Produce Hypnotic Anesthesia ? Hypnosis & Psychic (ESP) Phenomena ? The Mastering of Unwanted Habits ? The Ancient Art of Magnetic Healing ? Developing Your Personal Magnetism ? Personal Magnetism In Professions ? Self-Hypnosis For Personal Use

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