Dark Psychology: The Ultimate Guide on How to Analyze and Reading People Through Mind Control and Manipulation Techniques, Using the Art of Body Language, NLP, and 101 Emotional Intelligence Secrets

Do you ever get the feeling that you are being used, played with, or manipulated? Do you want to know how dark psychology is used and who is using it? Would you like to understand their secret methods and avoid having them used on you?

Manipulative individuals may come across as nice people. However, they use dark psychology to trick, attract, and trap you in a relationship before revealing their true nature. They can be detached or pleasant one moment, and defiant the next. They won’t let up until they wear you down. In their minds, it’s all about them.

We are all potential targets for a dark psychological attacker. We are all susceptible to the power of hidden manipulation…now more than ever. Suggestive images, trickery, and mind games bombard us every day. 

In Dark Psychology, Brian Hall clearly explains everything you need to know about recognizing and avoiding dark energies, cult followings, and darker human desires to the powerful techniques, behaviors, and attributes employed to control or dominate others.

Some information that you’ll unlock in this helpful audiobook include:

  • Exact ways how people use dark psychology through covert manipulation, charisma, deception, and brainwashing
  • The three little-known ways to kick-start your analysis of people’s genuine feelings and intentions 
  • The absolute worst three areas of risk in our daily lives
  • Steps to instantly identify and avoid becoming a victim of sneaky manipulative techniques from guilt-tripping to gaslighting 
  • Steps for understanding the personality traits of people most at risk for brainwashing
  • The exact formula for getting out of a manipulative relationship 
  • And much more!

Even if you sometimes feel socially awkward or can’t seem to pick up on people’s true intentions, this audiobook helps you identify dark behavior patterns in people and how to definitively avoid becoming a dark psychological person’s victim.

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