Interviewing and Interrogation for Law Enforcement, Second Edition

Interviewing & Interrogation for Law Enforcement, Second Edition, discusses interviewing skills and techniques for law enforcement officers. Interviewing solves more crimes than any other technique, scientific or otherwise. When convincing physical evidence or irrefutable witnesses are scarce, investigators have no other option but to try to obtain a confession from the criminals themselves. The book aims to dispel some of the mystery surrounding the interview process by sharing tried and tested methods and ideas.

The book is divided into three parts. Part I discusses the interview process, focusing on the structure of an interview, how the interviewers demeanor contributes to success, and other essential skills such as listening, note-taking, and advisement of rights. Part II explains how investigators can recognize deceit through verbal and nonverbal clues, and through the analysis of a suspects statement. Part III deals with interrogation techniques, covering the structure of an interrogation and keys to successful interrogation, along with a case study of an interrogation.

  • The author has years of experience as an FBI academy instructor.
  • Practical tips and examples throughout.

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