Manipulation Techniques: Learn POWERFUL Tricks to Control People's Mind and GET What You Want in Life, Understanding Brainwashing, Hypnosis, Persuasion and Deception and How to Defend Yourself From

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Manipulation is the fairy godmother working behind the scenes to get you everything you have ever wanted.

It is the KEY that OPENS the SECRET DOOR to your WILDEST DREAMS.

Manipulation is the reason why some people seem to get everything handed to them on a silver platter. Consider this:

Who is the most charming person that you know of in your life? What do you like most about them? It could be the fact that they always know what to say.

It might even be their disarming smile which always makes you feel better about the day, regardless of the day.

It could also be that they always manage to make you feel listened to and understood. In short, they are a wholesomely fun and likable individual that NEVER seems to have TROUBLE fitting in anywhere. In return, they always seem to get what they want from people.

How would you like it if you become that person?

It is not enough to be a spectator in the success of other people. You can become the charmer that gets to hear YES every single time they put in a request–be it at work or even in your relationships. How so? BECOMING a MASTER MANIPULATOR starts with acknowledging that human beings are naturally inclined to be cooperative towards the people they like.

Once you come across as likable, you need to know which buttons to push to get everything you have ever wanted.

This book dives into the human psyche and explores what humans look for in each other, and in their interactions. It explores why conversations are not only the words that come out of your mouth but also the non-verbal bits that get processed in the brain of the person you are speaking to.

In this book YOU WILL LEARN:

– Simple Everyday Manipulation Tips and Tricks

– Advanced Level Manipulation Methods

– The Rules of Manipulation explained

– Ten-Minute Tips for Manipulation

– The Best Master Manipulators in World History

– Mistakes Making You Vulnerable to Manipulation

By the end of the book, you will have a complete handbook on how to win over the people you interact with, the rules to pay attention to in your interactions and the loopholes to avoid as well. Included is also a snippet of some of the best manipulators to ever exist in history.

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