Manipulation: The Dark Psychology Ultimate Guide - How to Analyze People's Personalities and Influence Anyone Using Mind & Emotional Control, Hypnosis, Persuasion, and NLP Techniques

Do you want to know what to look for when a manipulative person comes your way? Would you like to gain a better understanding their methods to avoid getting involved in a manipulative relationship?

If you wish to prevent getting involved with people who are draining, debilitating or disparaging, check out this book, which was specifically created to assist with these issues. Keep reading!

When somebody is manipulating you, they are, in effect, mentally pressuring you into doing something you would prefer not to do. Narcissistic manipulators tend to make clever comments on anything from your appearance to your experience to your personality flaws. These remarks are often camouflaged as joking or mockery and their goal is to make you feel insecure. By making you feel terrible, the manipulator is trying to mentally dominate you.

Manipulative individuals may come across as reasonable and earnest. However, they use this cunning approach to attract you and trap you in a relationship before revealing their true nature. They can be detached, forceful or pleasant one moment and defiant the next. They won’t let up until they wear you down. In their minds, it’s all about them, and what other people think, feel and need doesn’t matter in the least.

In Manipulation: Dark Psychology Ultimate Guide – How to Analyze People’s Personalities and Influence Anyone Using Mind & Emotional Control, Hypnosis, NLP and Persuasion Techniques, Beatrice Shorts walks you through everything you need to know about recognizing and avoiding dark energies. This practical book teaches all about:

  • The 9 qualities of manipulative personalities
  • How to read manipulative body language
  • How manipulators work, from guilt tripping to gaslighting and everything in between
  • Safely getting out of a manipulative relationship
  • Using the 6 weapons of influence to your advantage
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • The difference between hypnosis and manipulation
  • And much more!

Sociopaths can be enchanting. Manipulative individuals know how to sweet talk their victims and how to keep you interested in what they are saying. The good news is that their behavior patterns can be clearly identified, once you are aware of them.

You deserve to be treated with respect; to express your feelings and needs; to say “no” without feeling regretful; and to shield yourself from being undermined physically, rationally or inwardly.

The information and strategies presented in this guide will empower you with tips and tricks about how manipulative individuals operate. Don’t hesitate.

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