Social Engineering - The Science of Influence

Social engineering is related to our social environment – either a business environment like our colleagues, customers, partners etc., or in our private environment like spouses, children, parents, and friends. The broad term of social engineering refers to an act that influences someone to act in a certain way or to do a certain thing. It’s an art that combines research from the sciences of psychology and sociology. Sounds complicated? It’s actually quite simple. Many times we use influential techniques to get what we want. If we develop awareness for of these techniques and extend our knowledge to other techniques, and use them in order to get to a Win-Win situations with others, then everyone will be happy and satisfied with the outcome. Almost every interaction we have with others is a give and take situation which can end with no gain of the sides, or only one of the sides or, in the best case scenario, mutual benefit for everyone. Using the knowledge being taught in social engineering can contribute in every area in life related to interaction with other people. Including: Developing sales skills Negotiation management with better results To know “how to sell yourself” better To influence and persuade other people with your ideas To know how to make other people count on you and trust you To motivate people to do certain things To know how to connect with other people better and faster therefore increasing your social circle To remove objections of other people To increase your self esteem. All those things are achievable through social engineering.

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