Dark Psychology: The Art and Science of Manipulation and Mind Control: The Secrets and Tactics That People Use for Motivation, Persuasion, Manipulation and Coercion to Get What They Want

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to read and understand human behavior and recognize what every body is saying, then keep reading.

The art of manipulation and dark psychology are fascinating topics about which I hope you now feel knowledgeable and confident. The human mind is a complex but solvable code – and when you know just what you want to get from someone, all it takes a little time, patience, knowledge, and practice to move you closer to your desires. 

You will learn: 

  • What is dark psycology? 
  • The concept of dark psychology and how it relates to many subtopics like persuasion, manipulation, brainwashing, and seduction. 
  • The personality types present a clear demonstration of how the art of dark psychology can be used for the worst of intentions. 
  • The different personality types, what the Enneagram types are all about, and the different personality traits that are found in dark psychology. 
  • How to use dark persuasion 
  • How to detect when manipulation is being used against you 
  1. In dark psychology, manipulation lies at the heart of the great mystery that is human cognition and consciousness. There are many tricks and strategies to be learned and utilized, which unleash the possibilities you never dreamed existed. We, as human beings, become adept at presenting to the world a façade that can be cracked and manipulated using proven and researched methods, which you can now discover yourself through practice. Neuro-linguistic programming offers a whole new technique to look at communication and the different ways of conveying information. You now know how to look for subtle signs like micro expressions to identify how someone is feeling about you, which gives you an update as to how you’re doing while you work to execute and carry out your plans for another person. 
  2. One of essential tools in this book is learning how to identify when someone is trying to use sinister tactics on you. The more you educate yourself on the principles and strategies of dark psychology, the more you learn to recognize them whenever they are being used and in whatever context you find yourself in. As you are now armed with this information, it is less likely for you to find yourself a victim of someone skilled in the arts of dark psychology. You can identify the narcissist or sociopath in the room, perhaps after even just one or two conversations with the individuals. 
  3. There are many different personality types in the world, and you now have a better understanding of what those various personality components, how they work together, and how you can identify them through straightforward interactions and analysis. You understand how cold reading works, and you are anything but gullible when it comes to people trying to convince you that they know more about you than you think. You will be able to pick up on this immediately and have learned how people plant the seeds in others’ minds to convince them that they have knowledge above and beyond what they actually possess.

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