How to Read People: Become an Expert at Detecting Lies, Reading Non-Verbal Cues, and Seeing Someone's Personality

This is a bundle of 3 different documents, which are the following, with the following descriptions:Document 1: What is the deal with communication? Why do people not always say what they think? And most importantly: How can you figure out what they think if they don’t say it?That’s where this book comes in. It shows you all the little details you may have overlooked in all your years on this planet, the clues, the hints, and the nonverbal messages. This book goes into intricate secrets of the hidden world of body language, from the way people sit, where their eyes are aimed, and the tone of their voice, to flirts, making an impression on your employer, or being more social.You should definitely give this book a try if you are curious about that.Document 2: Intimidation… flirtation… nonverbal communication…. What do these three words have in common? Exactly: Eye contact. It’s important to know the importance of eye contact in our everyday interactions with other people. Some people avoid it. Others do it too much. In this guide, you’ll learn more about the most appropriate and effective ways to use it to your advantage.Also, we’ll go over how to lead a team, how to read clues and cues from body language, and several character analyses and communication styles people use. One of the important things you can learn from this book, is some psychologists’ theories about where personality comes from and how it develops. These and many more subtopics related to them can be found here, so do yourself a favor and start learning. This book will open your eyes.Document 3: What can you learn about body language, social skills and listening skills that you didn’t already know? Well, a lot. And you will see what I’m talking about in this book. When you read this, it will occur to you that there are so many subtle signs of body language, so many ways to show that you’re listening, and so many ways to improve your social skills and be less anxious when you interact with others, that it’s not even funny. Do yourself a favor and pick up this book right now.

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